Abandonment Issues and Addiction

Everyone feels abandoned when friend betrays you, a coworker forgets to invite you to eat lunch or a sibling marries and moves away. The entrance and exit of people in our lives is a natural part of human existence. However some people experience deep feelings of abandonment that interfere with and interrupt a healthy, productive life in Raleigh Durham.

Common Types of Abandonment

While abandonment can occur from any number of sources, there are common forms of abandonment that can interrupt your ability to form and maintain relationships with others. Common forms of acute abandonment include the following:

  • Death of a loved one such as a parent, spouse or significant other
  • Divorce of parents
  • Personal divorce
  • Emotional neglect from parents or caretakers involving lack of affirmation or words of love and support or the presence of hurtful or harmful words
  • Physical neglect involving lack of shelter, food, clothing or protection

When people feel a deep sense of abandonment, they may feel “stuck” in their lives in Raleigh Durham. They may not be able to engage in activities that are meant to bring meaning and enrichment to their lives.

What Are Some Feelings Associated with Abandonment?

Those with abandonment issues may experience the following:

  • Loneliness
  • Confusion
  • Codependency
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feeling responsible for the abandonment
  • Shame

People who deal with abandonment issues often work through the source of their emotional trauma and the accompanying emotions in order to move on with their lives in Raleigh Durham.

How Can Abandonment Lead to Using Drugs?

Feelings of abandonment can be strong and paralyzing. A person may feel unable to deal with such intense and negative emotions and may believe relief can be found through drug use. Those who choose to self-medicate their pain through drug use often become addicted to the drugs that help alleviate the underlying pain they feel.

Find Help to Recover from Abandonment Issues and Addiction

The feelings connected with abandonment can feel paralyzing and overwhelming, but there is hope. If you are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs and have abandonment issues, you are not alone. You can find help by calling our toll-free helpline. We can help you any time, as we are here 24 hours a day. Call now to find help overcoming your feelings of abandonment and addiction.