Addiction Support Groups

Addiction Support GroupsThere are many support groups today that are available for Raleigh Durham residents. Support groups help those who are going through tough experiences and those that may not want to share their problems with family members or friends. These groups provide a safe place to talk about addiction and encourage recovering addicts to stay clean.

What Are The Benefits of Support Groups?

There are several reasons for a Raleigh Durham addict to join support group. One of the biggest advantages is that addicts can feel like they are not alone in their addictions, as they likely felt before seeking recovery. The sense of sharing common ground with someone, even initially for negative reasons, makes people feel safe, accepted and welcome in a social environment.

Another benefit is that addicts can hear their peers’ experiences with addiction and may profit from learning what may or may not have helped. Support groups will often have guest speakers. They may be experts in the field of addiction recovery and also former addicts who have been sober for years, continuing to help others. In short, a support group can be extremely educational because personal experience is tangible.

Why Support Is Crucial to Recovery for Raleigh Durham Residents

Support, from whatever avenue it may come, is crucial to recovery. Recovering addicts generally feel guilty and negative about themselves, both mentally and physically. Social and moral repercussions may also play a part in the self-perception of an addict. That is why support groups are crucial in building hope, encouragement and self-esteem.

Additionally, many Raleigh Durham addicts come from broken backgrounds in that they may not have any family out side of the support group. Some addicts have been abandoned by friends and family members as a result of the painful addiction. When addicts reach for a support group, it may be the only thing that offers a sense of family and friendship.

Where Can I Find a Support Group?

Support groups are so effective that they exist in and around many different rehab programs. Residential support groups could be the most beneficial because you are consistently meeting with many of the same patients, therapists and others that are living within that rehab location on a consistent schedule. Outpatient rehab programs often offer organized support groups that may consist of varied locations in which people meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. After rehab some Raleigh Durham residents may not be accountable to any particular person or rehab program. Support groups can provide this much-needed accountability.

Help Finding a Support Group for Raleigh Durham Residents

If you are a former addict living in Raleigh Durham or have an addiction and are looking for a support group or a rehab program, please give us a call today at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. We have many options available for you and can speak with you about your concerns. We are here to help you.