Athletes and Painkiller Addiction

Athletes and Painkiller AddictionSome athletes deal with a considerable amount pain, and some Raleigh Durham athletes have legitimate reasons to use painkillers. However, there is a fine line between using painkillers to cope with pain and depending on them to get through your daily routine. If you abuse painkillers, which means that you take more than you are prescribed, you can easily become addicted. Raleigh Durham athletes may be more likely to become addicted to painkillers because they have easier access to the drugs as a result of injuries and wear and tear. Just because you are an athlete does not mean you need to abuse painkillers, and if you have become addicted you can definitely quit with the right help.

Why Athletes Become Addicted to Painkillers

Athletes are mainly more prone to addiction simply because it is so easy to obtain painkillers. Athletes have been known to be prescribed powerful painkillers for minor injuries like a rolled ankle, and once an athlete is hooked on a drug, it is easy enough to obtain more by faking an injury or exaggerating pain. Doctors want to help athletes perform at their highest level by helping them through the pain, but if a Raleigh Durham athlete abuses painkillers than it can be deadly.

Raleigh Durham Athletes Living with Painkiller Addiction

Living with painkiller addiction as an athlete is difficult. Painkillers can hurt your performance, which can drive them to abuse more painkillers to deal with failure. Painkillers are so addictive that Raleigh Durham residents may even forget about the sport they love so that they can continue to abuse painkillers. Athletes have been known to give up on sports they played for years after getting hooked on painkillers because their additions get so strong. This is an unfortunate story for many hopeful athletes, but with the right treatment you can recover with the right help.

Addiction Treatment for Raleigh Durham Athletes

Athletes have many options for addiction treatment, and many addiction treatment programs even have built-in nutrition and wellness programs. If you are an addicted athlete in Raleigh Durham, call our toll-free helpline today and get the help you need. We will give you the information you need to know about addiction treatment and direct you to an effective treatment center. Call us now, because we are available 24 hours a day and we will let you know if your health insurance will help you pay for rehab.