Avoiding Family Arguments about Addiction

Avoiding Family Arguments about AddictionLiving with an addict is stressful, upsetting and sometimes unbearable. Many feelings and emotions can arise if the situation discussed. This leads to argument for many Raleigh Durham families.

How Addiction Affects Raleigh Durham Families

The following information illustrates how addiction can affect a family:

  • Many families dealing with addiction experience intense anxiety. This is usually more prevalent in children, as they may not understand what is happening and lack the ability to handle it properly. Adults may experience anxiety as they feel uncertain about how to respond.
  • Ignoring the addiction can create tension for a Raleigh Durham family. With tension building up, conflicts are bound to arise and cause severe dysfunction.
  • Many people who live with an addict develop coping mechanisms to block pain. This is common in both adults and children where they shut down their emotions and keep feelings bottled up. This is never healthy for an individual, let alone an entire family.
  • If the addiction is not properly handled, children who were raised in the environment may develop similar addictions in the future.

Life is difficult when addiction takes precedence over everything else. A home needs to be safe where parents talk with their children and children can communicate their problems. Handling addiction in a Raleigh Durham family can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to provide a healthy living environment.

How Raleigh Durham Families Can Discuss Addiction

Whether you decide to hold an intervention or informal conversation, use the following tips to help your talk go smoothly:

  • Before anything else, reassure the addict of your love. Let him know that you are on his side and want to see him get sober.
  • Allow family members to talk about the addiction. Do not sweep it under the rug and let it go unnoticed. Ignoring a problem is akin to harboring a time bomb. Make it O.K. to talk about the situation anytime, anywhere.
  • While seeking professional help for the addict, also seek help for the rest of the family. Provide therapy for all Raleigh Durham family members as they will most likely need it.
  • Do not enable the user to continue with her addiction. Set ground rules so she knows you will not aid the disease.
  • Be patient and understand that your family member has a disease. This is not a choice and it is a major struggle. Do not throw the disease in her face; rather build a support system through communication and structure.
  • Find ways to get your Raleigh Durham family engaged in physical activity. This can release stress while developing a stronger bond.

Living with an addict is never easy, and arguments will always occur during hardship. However, this does not have to be normal for your family. Through patience, strong support, encouragement and an open-door policy on conversation, your family will have more appropriate tools to handle addiction in the home.

Raleigh Durham Addiction Help

Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline so we can help you and your family work through addiction. We know how difficult it can be and we want to help. Do not wait to call us for assistance.