Can Drug Use Cause Psychosis?

Can Drug Use Cause Psychosis?Psychosis rarely occurs when not spurred on by an external factor such as drug use. For many people with drug addiction, psychosis is a part of everyday life, as all kinds of drugs can cause psychotic episodes. This condition is a mental disorder characterized by delusions or hallucinations that impair contact with reality. When Raleigh Durham residents use any kind of mind-altering substance, they subject themselves to possible bouts of psychosis.

What Drugs Cause Psychosis?

The following drugs or combinations can cause psychosis for any Raleigh Durham user:

  • LSD and marijuana are incredibly common drugs. They are readily available and known for their abilities to spark abnormal reactions in the brain. These reactions fall under the category of psychosis, as use of these drugs leads to delusions, hallucinations, changes in sight and sound and a disconnection with reality.
  • Bath salts lack the full index of symptoms, signs of abuse or studies to list a sleugh of effects, but this substance has shown some serious signs of psychosis while being used. For instance, those using bath salts can feel extremely powerful, as if they can lift and shake the earth if they had to. There have also been reports of extreme aggression and even murder, even in users who are usually mild. These out of body experiences and impulses are a major sign of psychosis, as the users quickly become detached from reality.
  • Inhalants such as computer cleaner, hair spray, lighter fluid and glue are a major causes of drug-induced psychosis. The use of these household objects quickly leads to hallucinations and delusions, especially with impulsive behavior, out-of-body experiences and an increased feeling of physical strength. The period of psychosis when using inhalants occurs more quickly than with other drugs, as the substances are immediately vaporized into the brain to cause almost instantaneous side effects.

While many Raleigh Durham residents may use drugs to ease feelings of psychosis, many of them develop episodes of this erratic mental disorder unknowingly as a result of drug use. As almost all drugs have the ability to alter the way the brain functions, most drugs have the potential to cause mild to severe psychosis in anyone choosing to indulge in them.

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