Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug Use

Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug UseWhile there are various factors that drive people toward drug use such as stress, self-medication or easy access, the decision to use may involve nothing more than a desire for social acceptance. Drug abuse linked to a sense of belonging is prevalent in adolescents, but adults can just as easily fall prey to the same social pressures in Raleigh Durham. There is a dangerous connection between substance abuse and the struggle for acceptance.

What Makes Raleigh Durham Residents Turn to Drugs for Acceptance?

Drug abuse puts components of your life in Raleigh Durham at risk, and this includes risk to your relationships, your job, your education, your finances and your physical wellbeing. However the following social issues can seem critical enough to compel someone to put these aspects of life at risk:

  • Self-esteem. Those who suffer from a poor sense of self-esteem may be motivated to use drugs as a means of escapism. Self-consciousness can cause individuals to use drugs as a means to interact socially without dissecting every word they say or constantly worrying about their image.
  • Sense of control. Someone who feels as though aspects of life are out of control may believe that drugs offer a sense of power.
  • Pressure. Choosing between using drugs and losing friends can be a difficult decision. A Raleigh Durham resident who wants to foster or keep certain relationships may believe experimenting with drugs will provide the desired social connection.
  • Getting noticed. Some people use drugs to make an impression and establish their identity. An individual may feel that getting attention from family or peers is worth the risks of drug use.

How the Need for Acceptance Can Complicate Recovery

A recovering addict must begin making better decisions in everyday life in Raleigh Durham. If the people with whom they spend much of their time abuse drugs and are enablers, the temptation to fall back into old habits is strong. It is even stronger, if the recovering addict’s initial reason for experimenting with drugs was based on social acceptance. The recovering individual will be faced with the same circumstances that led to drug use in the first place. An assertive individual who is strong in his or her recovery may need to leave drug-using peers behind.

The goal of addiction treatment is to find the root of the drug use problem to facilitate a full and permanent recovery. It addresses the psychological aspects of addiction as well as the physical which means that the need for social acceptance will be recognized and dealt with so that a recovering drug addict is less likely to relapse or be unable to handle life-changing decisions in the future. Treatment also involves being in a social environment that is supportive of the decision to recover from drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Help for Raleigh Durham Residents

If you are suffering from addiction, don’t continue to struggle alone. Take a stand by calling our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to help you get the resources, skills and confidence you need to change your life. Call us today.