Does My Addiction Define Me?

Does My Addiction Define Me?When you are controlled by an addiction, your priorities and attention change focus. An addict’s goals are opposite those of a healthy person’s. You begin looking forward to the next time you will be able to use, and you predict how soon your supply will run out and obsess over finding and using the drug. Increased isolation, broken relationships and mental health problems like depression commonly occur in addicted Raleigh Durham residents. Mood swings, bursts of anger and denial can delay you from getting the help you need. During an addiction you are not yourself. There are so many obstacles and distractions that being you is impossible when you are not sober.

How Addiction Rehabilitation Changes Raleigh Durham Residents

Addiction may have changed you, but it has not changed you for the better. The negative consequences of drug abuse outweigh any reason you may have to avoid rehab and continue using. Many Raleigh Durham residents who are encouraged to enter rehab wonder if they will lose themselves and their identity during treatment. Others worry that both inside and out of rehab they will be seen as their addiction or their recovery and not as who they are. Neither of these concerns is valid. At an experienced qualified rehab center, you will receive personalized treatment options and one-on-one therapy that address you as a human being and not as an addict. A rehab program’s job is not to force you into the mold of what a sober person should be. The goal of each rehab center should be to encourage people struggling with addiction to find sobriety in their own way. A good rehab will offer a variety of treatment options to give you the most comprehensive healing possible and to treat you in the way that works best for you as an individual.

Life in Raleigh Durham after Rehabilitation

After primary treatment in a rehab facility addiction may still be a part of your life in Raleigh Durham. You will need to take each day one step at a time. However living as a recovering addict does not have to define you. You can live a life that focuses on people and activities completely unconnected to drug use. You should remember the lessons you’ve learned from addiction and recovery, but living in addiction can become part of your past. In rehab you will learn more about yourself and rediscover and reawaken the good qualities you’ve had from the beginning. You are so much more than an addiction, and overcoming drug abuse can let you live up to your potential as a human being.

Addiction Recovery Help for Raleigh Durham Residents

It is never too late to start recovering from addiction. Feel free to call our toll-free helpline now, as we are here 24 hours a day. We can give more information about drug abuse, talk with you about your concerns and help you find treatment options that will work for you. Please call today.