Fears about Life after Rehab

Fears about Life after RehabThe challenges of addiction recovery don’t end after rehab; in fact, the first few weeks after treatment may be just as difficult as the beginning stages of recovery. It can be intimidating to find yourself suddenly independent of the constant support system that helped you overcome your addiction, but Raleigh Durham residents who prepare for this process have a much better chance of avoiding relapse or treating them immediately.

Why Addicts Fear Recovery

Many recovering addicts struggle with apprehension about rehab. It is easy to feel anxious about life after rehab, so a Raleigh Durham drug addict may struggle with the following thoughts:

  • Fear that relationships will change – You may find that relationships can grow stronger even if you damaged them during your addiction. You may also benefit from the opportunity to develop new relationships. But relationships will always be strained with the people who do not support your recovery. This can be especially frightening if you know that close friendships with fellow drugs users could become hostile or strained, or maybe just less enjoyable than before.
  • Fear that life won’t be fun anymore – Raleigh Durham residents may find that they do not know how to have fun without getting drunk. This is because they have grown dependent on the high for a good time. To keep boredom from overcoming your self-control, pursue the interests that were important to you before you started using. Drug addiction changes what you find enjoyable, so it is important to recognize the difference between artificial happiness and the joy of living life for the things you care about.
  • Fear that finding employment will be a struggle – The structure and accountability of a job helps recovering Raleigh Durham addicts avoid relapse. It is important to feel successful in your attempts to live sober. However, your addiction might cause you to miss out on job opportunities or to lose a job all together. In certain circumstances, your past may keep you from finding work. Be confident in the changes you have made, and be professional even when you fear your past addiction may cost you certain opportunities.
  • Fear of relapse – This is a fear that your drug cravings will overrun your values. Looking at relapse as a string of events rather than one moment can relieve the fear that relapse will spring up suddenly. Using the drug is the final stage of relapse, not the beginning, as it is a change in attitude and behavior. Constantly examine your attitude and avoid high-risk situations. If you let yourself down, don’t think that one failure ruins your overall recovery.

Raleigh Durham residents must be prepared to face these obstacles and remember why they chose sobriety. It may be wise to attend aftercare to maintain your commitment.

Raleigh Durham Addiction Help

If you want to fight your drug addiction, don’t wait any longer. Call our toll-free helpline for information on recovery options. We are available 24 hours a day to help you feel confident about seeking out treatment. Don’t let your fear stop you from getting the help you need.