Finding the Tools to Say No When Drugs Are Offered

Finding the Tools to Say No When Drugs Are OfferedMany Raleigh Durham students learn to avoid drugs, but this will not stop them from encountering opportunities to try, continually abuse or relapse on drugs of all kinds. There are myriad ways people begin drug abuse, and even more that will prompt a recovering user to relapse. Whether in a high school locker room or nightclub, the potential for experimenting with drugs is ubiquitous. Because drugs are so prominent, people must learn to say “no” when these substances are offered.

How to Refuse Drugs

Between the temptation to use again or the urge to experiment with something new, it can be hard to turn down drugs. However, it is important to know how to walk away from drugs to avoid powerful problems. The following tips are some simple ways Raleigh Durham residents can refuse drugs:

  • Say “no” – While it might seem like an obvious way to avoid drugs, it works. When someone asks you if you want drugs, simply say, “no.” The person offering drugs may accept your answer, but if not, then turn your back and walk away. It is important to know that you do not have to explain your refusal.
  • Change the subject – When someone offers drugs, you can decline and then change the subject. Suggest other activities or begin a new topic to avoid the situation.
  • Speak your success – If you have never used drugs or are recovering from addiction, talk about how successful you have been in sobriety. You can also highlight how long you have avoided drugs and how validated it makes you feel.

Raleigh Durham residents who utilize these tips may avoid drug use.

Help Avoiding Drug Use

When the situation to abuse drugs arises, Raleigh Durham residents may desire something new or to succumb to drug cravings. When this occurs, get help from any of the following sources:

  • Helplines – Helplines can address your questions and concerns regarding substance abuse. They can also encourage recovering drug addicts to stay clean.
  • Sponsors – Whether in an individual or group setting, communicate with your sponsor when you encounter drug use. This will help Raleigh Durham residents avoid relapse as they will have support during this complicated time.
  • Friends and family – Drug addicts should include their friends or family with addiction recovery. They can help recovering addicts avoid relapse and encourage sobriety during cravings.

Maintaining sobriety challenges all users, especially those who acknowledge their issue with substance abuse. The most efficient way to avoid relapse is to find support while knowing it is ok to decline drug use and walk away.

Raleigh Durham Drug Abuse Help

Raleigh Durham residents can call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get help avoiding drug use. Do not let anyone or anything threaten your sobriety. Call us today for instant support.