Harms of Joking about Addiction

Harms of Joking about AddictionMany defense mechanisms individuals have are making jokes about serious matters. Addiction is commonly joked about by people who are addicts, recovering addicts, and individuals who do not understand addiction. Joking about addiction can be a defense mechanism for an addict who has not shared their struggles and are seeing how close family and friends feel about addiction. Joking about addiction can make a struggling addict’s addiction escalate or can make a Raleigh Durham resident curious about the side effects of certain drugs and/or alcohol.

How Can Joking about Addiction further Addiction’s Dangers?

Addiction is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Because addiction is so widely joked about, the misconceptions that plague addiction continue to worsen. Included in the following are some examples on how joking about addiction can continue addiction’s dangers:

  • Continued misconceptions about addiction
  • Lack of sympathy towards addiction
  • Lighten addiction’s side effects, and even make them seem desirable

Consistently joking about addiction can contribute to misconceptions about addiction. Misconceptions about addiction can include that only lower class ranking individuals become addicts, addicts are not successful or intelligent, and that addicts can stop using at any time. These misconceptions can make an addict feel worthless and can help contribute to their addiction. By joking about addiction you are desensitizing yourself to addiction and the effects addiction has on addicts. Addiction should not be taken lightly. Addiction can be extremely life-threatening and can cause permanent or long-term side effects.

How Can Joking Hurt an Addict?

Addiction becomes integral to every aspect of an addict’s life. By joking about an addict’s addiction, you are only hurting them in the following ways:

  • Challenging their self-Worth
  • Turning your back on their trials
  • Depreciating the gravity of their situation

Addicts already have low self-esteem and when they experience a situation that decreases their self-esteem they look to drugs and/or alcohol to help them cope. By constantly joking about their addiction or throwing your accomplishments at them, you are making them feel as though they are not worthy of sobriety. Constantly joking about addiction instead of trying to help a loved one get help, shows the addict that you do not care about their well-being or help. For an addict to discuss their addiction to non-drug using friends and family, is a huge step. This should not be taken lightly, because more than likely the addict wants help to get sober.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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