How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol Abuse

How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol AbuseWhen Raleigh Durham residents become addicted to drugs, the cause can often be traced back to their families. The following are some ways a family can influence drug use:

  • A mother used drugs or drank while pregnant was in the womb, creating a physical predisposition toward a drug(s)
  • A family drinks or abuses drugs heavily
  • A role model uses drugs and/or encourages others to try them
  • A particular family member drinks or abuses drugs and the rest of the family says nothing, prompting observers to believe that drug use is OK
  • A Raleigh Durham family neglects someone, leading him to spend excessive amounts of time with friends who abuse drugs and/or drink alcohol
  • A family pushes for perfection, leading people to take drugs to relieve stress or boost energy

Such a start in life may convince a user that she will always be addicted to drugs; that drug abuse is in her blood. Fortunately this is not the case, but she must be shown the falsehood of this belief.

How to Help a Raleigh Durham Drug Addict

A family that discovers one of its members abuses drugs may feel disgraced, angry, betrayed or guilty. However, the best way for a Raleigh Durham family to react is not to condemn or intimidate the drug addict, as this will only push him away and drive him deeper into addiction. Nor should they ignore his problem or enable it by refusing to encourage recovery help. Taking a stance of silence such as this will hurt the addict by allowing him to continue to hurt himself.

The best plan for a Raleigh Durham family to use on a drug addict is to inform him that he is a beloved part of the family, and they want to see him get professional help for his addiction before he permanently damages his body or mind. If the addict maintains that he is fine and in control of the situation, an intervention may be required. The family cannot afford to shy away from confronting their loved one, as they may be the only lifeline he has that will save him from death, imprisonment, financial ruin or other disastrous consequences of his drug addiction.

Raleigh Durham Addiction Help

Please call our toll-free helpline if your Raleigh Durham family has been damaged by drug abuse. We can advise you on how to begin to heal the damage done and show love to the addict as she recovers. We are available 24 hours a day, so please call us now.