How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during Addiction

How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during AddictionAddiction can cause guilt in a couple of ways. First, it subtly changes a person’s mood or personality, which may make the user lash out or hurt others. Second, is the drastic change in a person’s priorities, which may cause a drug user to neglect other important responsibilities. If you recovering from addiction in Raleigh Durham, then you must also move past your guilt.

How Addiction Changes Personality and Priorities

Your entire body functions through a series of chemical reactions. Those reactions are perfectly balanced until drugs are introduced. To compensate for the drugs, the body’s chemical reactions change which affects your mind, emotions, thoughts and behaviors. As the addiction worsens, so do the changes.

Addiction also affects your ability to prioritize. Once addiction takes hold, a Raleigh Durham resident’s actions are motivated by drug cravings. Whether to avoid the withdrawal symptoms or maintain a high, people will continue using to satisfy their bodies’ need for drugs. The more addicted you become, the more you put that desire ahead of everything and everyone else in your life.

Effects of Addiction on Raleigh Durham Residents

Everyone has said or done something they regret, but addiction can magnify regretful mistakes. Living with addiction is like living without a filter—you say or do anything that comes to mind. Of course, all the lying, stealing, legal trouble, financial problems and custody battles that inevitably follow addiction will ruin lives, yours and others. Your mistakes may even seem unforgivable, but overcoming guilt is not impossible. Raleigh Durham residents can overcome guilt with the right help.

Should Raleigh Durham Residents Feel Guilty about Addiction?

A lack of guilt can be more distressing than immense shame. The family and friends who have been hurt don’t understand how an addict can continue using and believe the addiction has hurt no one. If you’re addicted, your addiction affects everyone around you.

Raleigh Durham Addiction Help

The best way to overcome the guilt and shame that accompanies drug or alcohol abuse is to get help. Raleigh Durham drug addicts should reach out and open up. This is your chance to call our toll-free helpline. We won’t badger you about what you should have done or give you grief for your mistakes. Our call center agents are waiting 24 hours a day to answer your call. These caring people will connect you with a drug addiction counselor, admissions counselor or rehab center. If you’re worried about financing rehab treatments, please call anyway – we’d love to tell you about how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab.