How to Support a Spouse without Disrupting His or Her Addiction Recovery

How to Support a Spouse without Disrupting His or Her Addiction RecoveryIf your spouse is struggling with addiction in Raleigh Durham, it can be helpful for you learn how to continue supporting your loved one while he or she is going through an inpatient addiction treatment program. In order to better channel your concern for your loved one into productive outlets, educate yourself about the processes of recovery, the nature of addiction and the potential advantages of hiring an addiction intervention counselor. Through this education, you can avoid unknowingly acting as a detriment to the recovery that you want for your spouse.

How to Help Your Spouse in Raleigh Durham Enter a Treatment Program

If your spouse is struggling with addiction, you already know how much addiction can affect his life in Raleigh Durham and your relationship with him. It is often beneficial to not confront your loved one about his addiction while he is under the influence, even if that is when you realize how much the addiction is hurting your relationship. When your spouse is high or drunk, his altered state of character may result in defensive aggression. Confronting your spouse at these times is often ineffective, as well as potentially unsafe. If your spouse does not respond to your concerns when you confront him at an appropriate time, you may benefit from the help of a professional addiction intervention counselor. If you involve a counselor, he can help make sure that you and any other family members understand the addiction, how it can affect the addict and how you and the addict’s family can unite to communicate a message of support and accountability.

How to Support Your Spouse in Raleigh Durham during Treatment

One way that you can show support for your spouse in Raleigh Durham and his or her recovery is to visit potential treatment facilities with him or her. This action can help your spouse to feel like he or she is not embarking upon this challenging process alone. Another reason that going on visits to potential treatment centers can be helpful is that it can help you hold your spouse accountable to his or her decision. If you have been to the facility, then you will be better able to encourage your spouse to stay there and complete the treatment process if he or she begins to feel disheartened.

Finding Addiction Treatment for Your Spouse in Raleigh Durham

If you or your spouse in Raleigh Durham is struggling with addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction, treatment options and how health insurance may be able to help pay for rehab. Please call now.