Until recently, drug addiction treatment was out of reach for most people. The rich and famous could afford extended stays in high-end, luxury facilities but the average person did not have the income to do so. Nowadays, drug rehab is becoming more accessible. Insurance companies are working actively with employers and rehab centers to make treatment affordable for the average American.

Getting Insurance Help for Rehab

Insurance HelpWhen considering a drug rehab program, one of your first steps should involve talking to your insurance company. Many companies will cover a portion (if not all) of your drug rehab treatment, provided that treatment meets some specified conditions. Certain insurance companies may have an agreement with particular centers so the people they insure can use their facilities; conversely, different facilities may only accept certain insurance plans as payment.

Most insurance companies will cover outpatient rehab treatment but some are beginning to include residential rehab in their plans. Residential rehab, while more expensive, is considered essential in some types of addiction treatment. Insurance companies may also cover the costs of medications used in a medical drug detox as a medical expense. Many people on an insurance plan have coverage for most medications, so this type of financial assistance is not uncommon.

Because of the sometimes stringent restrictions from specific insurance companies, it is best for you to speak directly with one of their representatives about your addiction and your options for treatment coverage.

Talk to Your Employer or Human Resources Department

If an individual has employee health benefits, they may find it helpful to speak to their employer or human resources department. The employer’s insurance company may be able to cover a portion of the rehab treatment to offset the costs. For most companies, it is cheaper to help pay for rehab for a trained, existing employee and have them return to their old position than it is to hire a new employee. Again, talk to your employer or HR department and discuss what additional options you might have.

Many people avoid rehab because they fear the costs associated with it, but the truth is many insurance companies are working with rehab centers so they can make treatment a reality for the average person. Call our toll-free number and speak to one of our trained counselors about your rehab treatment options and to learn more about insurance coverage.