Is My Addiction My Fault?

Is My Addiction My Fault?It is natural for Raleigh Durham drug addicts to try and understand what caused the addiction. They may think that if they knew what caused it to happen they can fix it and prevent it in the future. While this thought process might make sense for many topics, it does not always help addicts; in fact, it can keep them from seeking help.

How Shame Affects Addiction in Raleigh Durham Residents

When addicts initially accept responsibility for their behavior, they may feel shame. Shame is defined as a strong negative emotion that combines feelings of dishonor, unworthiness and embarrassment: feelings that make it difficult to seek recovery. If a Raleigh Durham drug addict admits to his addiction, he may need help taking the next step and getting into treatment.

The Pros and Cons of Shame Related to Addiction

While shame can indeed be painful, it can also motivate people to change. In the case of addiction, shame can be helpful. This positive side of shame can motivate an addict to take the following actions:

  • Commit to kicking the habit
  • Accept the hard work she must do to stay sober
  • Forgive herself for the addiction
  • Commit to a stable and sober life

Conversely, when a Raleigh Durham addict lives in a constant state of shame, he may think he is unworthy of consideration, that his needs are unimportant, and that he has no value. In this scenario, shame can damage an addict as well as his friends, families and employer. Addicts need help getting over their addictions or else shame can drown any spirit of recovery.

How to Use Shame to Beat Addiction in Raleigh Durham Residents

Using shame to motivate recovery may be a new concept to you, so consider the following ideas before you help yourself or a Raleigh Durham drug addict to seek treatment:

  • Call our helpline and speak to a counselor about anything that is on your mind regarding addiction. Many of our phone counselors are recovering addicts and can tell you about resources, treatment options or simply talk to you about your fears.
  • Go to a 12-step meeting which presents a shame-reduction modality. This can guide Raleigh Durham drug addicts away from the crippling views of shame.
  • Research the emotions you are experiencing to see if a different perspective can teach you to use them in a healthier manner.

Raleigh Durham Addiction Help

You don’t have to make one of the most important decisions of your life alone. We can help Raleigh Durham residents explore treatment options, so please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about addiction. We are here to help.