Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?

Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?You may have seen one of the many programs on TV about rehab or interventions, or perhaps you have wondered if the footage of celebrity rehab is anything like real life. While there can be elements of truth in TV shows, there are also purely dramatic and exploitive scenes as well. Everyone’s addiction and recovery is different, so it is difficult to know if your particular rehab experience will look like what you have seen on TV. However, Raleigh Durham residents can find accurate information about rehab if they know where to look.

Are Addiction Rehabilitation TV Shows Real?

For a television show to succeed, it must entertain its audience. Therefore, shows often rely upon dramatic elements that are occasionally invented to keep their “reality” shows interesting. Some scenes may be rehearsed or done in multiple takes; there may be a conflict of interest between what the show producers want to see and what the patients actually need. Those in charge want the patient to receive treatment that interests viewers, even if it may not be right for the patient. However, the shows do sometimes portray people getting needed treatment and recovering. Other TV it shows people quitting treatment early or finishing treatment, but experiencing relapse. There are no two addictions that are identical, so Raleigh Durham addicts cannot know for certain how they will react to treatment.

What Does Quality Addiction Treatment for Raleigh Durham Residents Look Like?

While Hollywood might glorify luxurious rehab settings, your experience may not match that. Yes, if you’re wealthy and accustomed to that sort of setting it might be a reality for you, but for many this option is unavailable. In some instances an inpatient rehab facility may not even be necessary, allowing you to remain at home while undergoing treatment. Rehab should be in the setting that is most conducive to recovery so that you can focus on overcoming your addiction.

The treatment should be individualized and comprehensive, targeting not only the physical addiction through a program of detox, but also any underlying issues that might contribute to the addiction. This often includes treating co-occurring mental disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder. This type of help is called Dual Diagnosis treatment and may be the answer for many Raleigh Durham drug addicts.

Also, treatment should be holistic, incorporating elements such as counseling, therapy, support group attendance, relapse prevention training, and health and wellness education. When Raleigh Durham residents get the right help, they can gain the tools and skills needed not only to get free from addiction, but also to remain that way for a lifetime.

Raleigh Durham Rehab Help

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