Living up to Your Potential When Free from Addiction

Living up to Your Potential When Free from AddictionSometimes the friends and family of an addict express their concern ineffectively. Communication is ineffective not only when it fails to inspire the addict to recover, but also when it fails to express the sentiments of the speaker. Many Raleigh Durham addicts believe that their families and friends are attacking them and not the addiction. This miscommunication is unfortunate, because addicts who feel personally attacked tend to respond defensively.

What the family and friends of a Raleigh Durham addict usually mean to express is that the addiction is the enemy. Addicts should understand that the reason for ending the addiction is not to gain the approval of their intimate relationships, but to begin a new life that makes it possible to have healthy relationships. Quitting is not about following orders, but the potential and possibilities that sobriety offers.

How Addiction Limits Raleigh Durham Residents

Addiction inhibits a Raleigh Durham addict’s potential for a rich and full life. Some of the limiting characteristics of addiction are as follows:

  • Addiction is a financial drain. Money that could be invested, saved, or used for life-giving purposes is instead used by necessity to purchase drugs.
  • Addiction cages thought. Many of an addict’s daily thoughts are dedicated to the acquisition and use of a drug. When addicts liberate the thoughts that addiction consumed, the possibilities are numerous. The accomplishments of an addict are only a sliver of what can be accomplished by that same person when he is sober.
  • Addiction damages important relationships. Addicts often behave in ways that can be hurtful to the people who care about them. They do this for one of two reasons: either because of withdrawal symptoms experienced without drugs, or because of altered brain states as a result of the high. As addiction is pitted against these relationships, addicts often choose to associate with those who will approve of their habit because of the impairing nature of addiction.
  • Addiction is accompanied by side effects which make using uncomfortable, and withdrawal symptoms which make quitting uncomfortable. This catch 22 is an unpleasant reality that many Raleigh Durham addicts must face.

Addiction Help for Raleigh Durham Residents

If you or someone that you care about is stuck in a drug addiction, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. The trained and experienced professionals answering the phones will be able to assist you with insurance information, answer your questions about recovery, and even arrange transportation to a facility of your choosing. Addiction has been draining your finances, limiting your processing ability, damaging your relationships with loved ones, and causing personal physical and psychological pain. End these effects of addiction and live up to your potential.