Spousal Help

Spousal Rehab GuideWhen a person is struggling with drug abuse, their addiction affects everyone in their life. Those who feel the impact the strongest are members of their immediate family. A person’s spouse and children are the ones who experience the effects of addiction on a daily basis. By the same token, a spouse is likely one of the first people to recognize their husband or wife has a problem, and plays an integral part in providing them with physical and emotional support.

Dealing with an Addicted Spouse

A person’s spouse and children interact with the addict every day. If that person experiences mood swings and exhibits irate or erratic behavior, they are likely to be the ones who experience the repercussions. In cases of abuse related to addiction, the person’s spouse is most likely to be on the receiving end. Addiction can completely disrupt the family dynamic and jeopardize the safety of the residents of the home. Addiction can also negatively impact the family financially. A spouse my find they have to work more or find a job if the person struggling with addiction is putting the family into debt.

Spousal Intervention and Rehab Support

A person’s spouse will most likely be the first to recognize when the individual has a problem and therefore be the one who needs to encourage them into treatment. An intervention is recommended when an addict fails to recognize that they have a problem with drug abuse, or when they recognize their problem but are in denial about the severity of it. Some interventions can occur in larger groups, but many focus on incorporating the immediate family and a small number of friends. The spouse will often speak at the intervention about how drug abuse has negatively impacted them.

In drug rehab, some programs incorporate family members into therapy. Therapy with your spouse can be an important component of treatment because often the relationship is suffering as a result of the addiction. Therapy with your spouse can help you and your loved one work through your struggles and develop a good foundation for support that they can return home to following treatment.

If your spouse is struggling with drug addiction, please call our toll-free number and speak to one of our trained counselors. They can put you in contact with a trained interventionist and help find a suitable rehab program from your loved one.