Tips for Maintaining Your Addiction Recovery

Tips for Maintaining Your Addiction RecoveryLike anything worth having, complete recovery from addiction takes work to maintain. Rehab gives a Raleigh Durham resident the tools he needs to stay clean from drugs, but whether or not he uses them is up to him. It is a battle that he will fight for the rest of his life, improving a little every day. This is not to say that there is no victory in sight. Every day that he says no to drugs is a victory. This article should provide some practical encouragement to stay sober for those fresh out of rehab.

Returning to Daily Life in Raleigh Durham

The following are some commonsense tips to stay clean after rehab:

  • Sever all ties with your former drug contacts, as hard as this will be to do. It is entirely understandable for you to consider some of them your friends; but as long as they refuse to end their own addictions, they will not be the supportive friends you need as you work to maintain sobriety in Raleigh Durham.
  • Attend all follow-up sessions with your recovery buddies, your therapist, and any other professionals who recommend regular meetings after rehab.
  • Continue to eat healthy food, engage in regular, moderate exercise, make time for some clean fun to combat everyday stresses, and in other words: take care of yourself. A well-maintained body and mind are infinitely less susceptible to drug abuse. Raleigh Durham has a variety of restaurants and sports clubs to help you on this path.
  • Stay in contact with your accountability partners, and call them or invite them over whenever you feel weak or have cravings. Their encouragement will make getting through rough spots much easier than if you try to do it alone.

This does not mean that relapses will never occur, because they are likely to do so, but if you follow the above suggestions, your rebound from relapse back into recovery will be much quicker.

Addiction Recovery Maintenance

As weeks, months, and years pass, you will start to realize that you have a normal life again. Having abused drugs, you will never be quite the same person that you were before your addiction, but you will again experience peace as you rediscover life in Raleigh Durham. This is a gift, and you should celebrate it, but you must never allow yourself to feel invincible. Relapses can occur even after years of sobriety. Avoid the substance that ensnared you at all costs, no matter how long you have been clean; neural pathways that have long lain quiet can be reawakened in a moment with the reintroduction of the drug you once abused. Keep surrounding yourself with encouraging, drug-free loved ones who reaffirm your personal value and their belief that you can beat drugs, and you will.

Beginning Your Recovery

If you remember what life was like before addiction and want that again for yourself or your loved one, please call our 24-hour helpline. The call is toll-free and can give you the guidance you need to find the best recovery program for your life. You can achieve recovery, and we want to help. Call us today.