What Are the Deadliest Drug Combinations?

What Are the Deadliest Drug Combinations?Many Raleigh Durham drug addicts mix drug cocktails, a combination of miscellaneous drugs that they take to enhance each drug’s side effects or to help reduce certain side effects. This can be extremely dangerous as it can cause permanent harm or even death. Certain combinations are more severe than others, but all drugs are harmful for the addicts and the loved ones around them. It can cause not only permanent damage, but also uninhibited behaviors that can lead to danger.

Deadliest Drug Combinations

All drug use is harmful to any Raleigh Durham user. Some drug combinations are more harmful than others, and some combinations can cause severe side effects. If you take certain combinations, you are risking your life with each use. The following are some of the most deadly drug combinations:

  • Opioids and depressants. Mixing downers such as heroin, Vicodin or OxyContin with anti-depressants such as Valium, tranquilizers and Ambien can be life threatening. Do not risk your life by taking these dangerous substances simultaneously.
  • Mixing stimulants with stimulants. This means mixing methamphetamine with common drugs that produce the same side effects such as cocaine. The danger here is that it can overload your system and cause dangerous issues.
  • Mixing stimulants with alcohol or opioids. They seem to almost counteract each other, which can lead to overdose and serious side effects. You may not feel the effects of one drug due to the other substance, but that does not mean your body is unaffected.

Taking these substances is extremely dangerous, so reconsider your habits if you abuse these combos.

Which Drugs Are Likely to Cause Permanent Harm or Death?

All drugs have side effects. The strength or the harsh side effects vary depending on the drug, the amount of the drug a user takes, they way the drug is used and the duration of use. Every Raleigh Durham resident will be affected differently due to drugs. The following are some drugs that can cause permanent harm or even result in death:

  • Methamphetamine can cause severe brain damage that is irreversible
  • Anabolic steroids that, when used recreationally, can cause brain damage and heart attacks
  • Crack cocaine can cause seizures and inconsistent heart rhythms
  • Chronic users of heroin can experience liver failure
  • Rohypnol can cause respiratory depression, coma and even death

Drug use should be taken seriously and is not something to ignore. The chances of overdose increase greatly the longer the addict is using. Raleigh Durham drug addicts should seek professional help to ensure their physical safety.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Raleigh Durham Residents

If you or a Raleigh Durham loved one struggles with addiction, please call our toll-free helpline. Our phone staff is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction and treatment options. Your life is worth a call, so reach out to us today.