What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?

What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?An intervention is a risky endeavor that should only be undertaken when other options have failed to convince a Raleigh Durham loved one of her need for help. The psychological aspects of addiction are powerful and the subject of the intervention may not respond well. Even if the meeting collapses, it is just one step of the recovery process. All hope is not lost.

What Makes a Healthy Intervention?

Any time you confront an addict about his disease, you are having an intervention. Not all interventions involve formal meetings. Carefully-crafted conversations or well-written letters can be even more powerful and effective than group meetings. The shock, emotional intensity and embarrassment of a group intervention may illicit immediate psychological reactions in the form of denial, justification or even rage.

Raleigh Durham bystanders are often unable to appreciate the true power of psychological addiction. Drugs and alcohol affect the same part of the brain that manages emotions, impulse control, anxiety and even memory. The brain will use all of these things and more to keep the addict using. Even when the rational part of the addict’s mind is committed to quitting, her emotions will not let her. The compulsion to use substances is often much stronger than the addict’s willpower, making her unable to quit even when she wants to.

Treatment professionals talk about a “moment of clarity” when an addict – even for just a short time – realizes that he needs help. The goal of any intervention is to bring on such a moment, and then Raleigh Durham residents need to be prepared to follow it up with real treatment and relational support. Some of the most important ingredients in any confrontation or intervention are as follows:

  • Special counseling and training for those involved in the intervention to provide clear, focused communication and healthy boundaries
  • Access to high-quality recovery resources and a plan for helping the addict get help immediately – even straight from the meeting
  • A full understanding of what treatment involves and how it will be handled and paid for
  • The involvement of a specially-trained interventionist is often invaluable

What Raleigh Durham Residents Can Do If an Intervention Goes Wrong

Quality pre-intervention counseling and training will prepare those involved in the meeting for every possible outcome. The establishment and reinforcement of healthy boundaries is important – as well as learning to stay on topic and as fact-based in your wording as possible. Though all Raleigh Durham situations are unique, it may be that if your loved one rejects the information, feelings and concerns that are presented to him in the meeting, he may face the enforcement of certain boundaries.

Some Raleigh Durham addicts must hit rock-bottom before they will accept help. They may need to be kicked out of their home, lose their jobs or be subject to other hardships. This can be exceedingly difficult for loved ones, but counselors can help you understand the importance of boundaries and avoiding enabling an addiction.

Raleigh Durham Intervention Help

If you live in Raleigh Durham and have experienced a failed intervention, or are preparing for one that hasn’t happened yet, please call our toll-free helpline any time for specialized expert help. We are open 24 hours a day. Our staff will answer any questions you may have and will connect you with the best intervention and treatment resources available. We can even help with logistical concerns such as transportation and insurance issues. Friends and loved ones serve a vital role in the recovery of addicts. Let us help you. Call today.