Will My Insurance Cover Rehab Costs?

Will My Insurance Cover Rehab Costs?The financial costs of drug or addiction rehabilitation are a major concern for Raleigh Durham residents. Depending on your insurance provider and your specific plan, the costs of addiction rehab can vary.

Insurance Terms Related to Addiction Rehabilitation Coverage

Your insurance deductible is the out-of-pocket expense that you must pay as a policyholder, before your insurance provider will pay any benefits. Deductibles can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Your insurance premium is the amount of money you pay to your healthcare provider either monthly or quarterly. Your premium does not count toward your deductible, but a high deductible will mean your premium is low.

Determining the Cost of Addiction Rehabilitation

Some rehab centers are more expensive than others depending on factors such as quality of treatment and how long you intend to stay in rehab. The cost of rehab should never be the deciding factor in which treatment center you choose to recover from your addiction. You should decide which treatment program can best suit your needs. Choosing a rehab center based on the lowest cost or the location closest to Raleigh Durham might not offer you the best treatment. Receiving lower-quality treatment makes relapse more likely. The cost of having to go in and out of sub-par rehab centers is much higher than one stay in quality treatment. Make the investment now, and get the best help that you can.

Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider about Addiction Rehabilitation Costs

Ask you healthcare provider the following questions to get an idea of what your out-of-pocket expenses may be:

  • Is any portion of substance abuse or addiction treatment covered? What portion of the cost are you responsible for?
  • What is the total dollar amount that the healthcare provider will cover?
  • Is a physician’s referral necessary to receive coverage for substance abuse or addiction treatment?
  • Are there any restrictions such as in-network treatment facilities?

Insurance Coverage Help for Raleigh Durham Residents

We can help you determine and understand insurance coverage for rehab. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day and can contact your healthcare provider on your behalf to determine your coverage. We gladly offer this service at no cost to you. All you have to do is dial our toll-free helpline today to get the answers you are looking for about your coverage and addiction treatment. Let us help you find a cost-effective and quality treatment program today. Pick up the phone and call us now.