Alcohol Addiction Counselor

Alcohol Addiction CounselorAlcohol addiction counselors are professionals who specialize in the psychological component of alcoholism. Alcoholism is deeply rooted in and dependent upon each Raleigh Durham patient’s mental and emotional state, and therefore, overall addiction treatment requires both medical care and consistent therapy. However, though alcohol addiction counseling addresses the psychological side of alcoholism, it also takes into consideration other elements of the disease, from the patient’s allotted time for medically supervised withdrawal, also known as detox, and the patient’s general medical history, including both mental and physical ailments.

Why Is Alcohol Addiction Counseling Important for Raleigh Durham Residents?

Alcoholism treatment is a difficult process, often characterized by long bouts of denial, but addiction counselors help Raleigh Durham patients overcome obstacles in order to achieve recovery. Alcoholism counseling provides treatment beyond medical intervention, so that patients can identify the roots causes of their alcoholism, learn more about alcoholism and why people drink, and understand the context of their addiction. In counseling sessions, Raleigh Durham patients learn to make the positive changes that are necessary to implement a new lifestyle of long term sobriety.

What Happens in Alcohol Addiction Counseling?

Counselors and patients discuss the nature of alcoholism in both individual and group sessions. Raleigh Durham patients learn how to modify their behavioral patterns in order to prevent drinking. Counselors also help patients discover and implement realistic solutions for coping with the stress of situations that may potentially cause relapse. Counseling offers patients the support they need to gain the confidence to remain sober.

Counseling can also offer the unique feature of Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Some alcoholics struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder, for instance depression or an anxiety disorder, which is called having a dual diagnosis. Some traditional rehab programs only focus on the addiction, releasing their patients after maintaining sobriety for several weeks or months. But, in counseling Raleigh Durham patients can also address any mental health problems at work, ensuring that their recovery can last a lifetime with some work.

Find Alcohol Addiction Counselors for Raleigh Durham Alcoholics

If you or someone you know in Raleigh Durham is addicted to alcohol, we can help. Just call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline for instant support from one of our professional counselors. We can answer your questions and connect you to a high quality alcohol addiction treatment center. We can also look up your insurance information and let you know about your level of coverage for alcoholism treatment. Be sure to keep in mind that all calls are free and confidential, and we are available 24 hours a day. Please don’t hesitate to call us at any time. Help is always just a phone call away for any Raleigh Durham resident.