Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol InterventionIf your loved one is struggling with alcoholism, it can be difficult to figure out how to help them. It is important that you understand that you can’t make them recover, but you can help them reach a point where they want to find a drug-free life in Raleigh Durham. You can stage an intervention to let your loved one know he or she has supportive and loving family and friends that want to see him or her get better.

Gathering Family and Friends for an Alcohol Intervention

An important step to staging a successful alcohol intervention is to choose the right people to be in attendance. Ask close family and friends of your loved one to come, but don’t invite too many people. A smaller group is more effective. Make sure that everyone present is entirely supportive of trying to find your loved one professional help for their alcoholism.

Hiring an Interventionist for an Alcohol Intervention

An interventionist is a professional counselor that is trained in guiding and staging interventions. Hiring a professional interventionist can help make your intervention a successful one. An interventionist will help plan who will be present and who will say what to your loved one in order to make the biggest impact. They can also keep everyone calm during the intervention and can help train everyone in attendance on what they should or should not say to your loved one.

How to Confront Your Loved One about Alcohol Use in Raleigh Durham

An intervention is not an ambush or an attack. Your loved one may feel defensive during the intervention, so you must do everything you can to make your intervention feel like a safe and loving environment. All participants should be sure not to make any accusatory statements or to place any blame. Remind your loved one of how much he or she is loved and what his or her addiction to alcohol has done to life in Raleigh Durham. Have the phone number for a rehab center or helpline available to them at the conclusion of the intervention, so they can make the choice to seek recovery.

Learn How to Stage an Alcohol Intervention

If your loved one is an alcoholic and in need of professional help, staging an intervention can be the best way to provide a message of love and support. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, and we have abuse and addiction counselors present that can help answer your questions about alcoholism and treatment. They can help you find a professional interventionist in Raleigh Durham, or they can help you line up rehab services for your loved one. Call now, and learn how you can help today.