Can I Detox at Home?

Can I Detox at Home?An addiction detox program is designed to rid a drug addict’s body of the serious and ongoing effects of a substance like alcohol, heroin, oxycodone or hydrocodone. When a Raleigh Durham resident addicted to a drug decides to begin the journey to health and wholeness, he or she begins “getting clean” through detox. While one might think that this would be a simple matter of stopping the use of the drug, it can be a serious health issue depending on the drug and the depth of the addiction.

Drug Detoxification and Withdrawal for Raleigh Durham Residents

Most drugs that have an effect on the human body, especially those that affect the central nervous system or the brain, will create withdrawal symptoms, as the body adjusts to the absence of the drug. Many withdrawal symptoms are similar, and they may include the following:

  • Restlessness and nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Aches and pains
  • The “shakes”
  • Inability to sleep
  • Depression

A Better Way for Raleigh Durham Residents to End Drug Use

Going through detox at home is not the best way to end drug use, and it can be dangerous. A better way to detox is to go through the process as part of a complete integrated drug rehab program. The following are some good reasons to get professional detox help:

  • In a drug rehab program medical staff can make the detox process less painful and can reduce or eliminate many withdrawal symptoms.
  • The length of time withdrawal symptoms continue varies with the drug and the extent of the addiction. The staff at a rehab center will have the experience and knowledge needed to accurately assess the detox process and determine when it is complete.
  • Raleigh Durham residents going through detox will experience strong cravings for the drug. These cravings can lead the addict to return to the drug. In a rehab center a relapse is much harder to accomplish, so the detox process is more likely to be completed.
  • Detox can be so severe that it leaves an individual temporarily incapable of normal functioning. A rehab center can care for recovering users during the times they cannot care for themselves.
  • Detox by itself is rarely enough for lasting recovery. A complete rehab program is needed to achieve a drug-free life in Raleigh Durham.

Make the Best Choice for Addiction Recovery

If you want to end your drug abuse, and you think you can manage your detox alone, at least get more information about your options. Call our toll-free helpline now to learn the facts about detox, the rehab options available to Raleigh Durham residents and what you can expect from a combination of detox and rehab services. Call now.