Do I Need Alcohol Rehab?

Do I Need Alcohol Rehab?A highly motivated person may be able to quit drinking on his or her own. However many factors influence addiction and recovery, and these include the following:

  • Level of dependence
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Patterns of abuse
  • Remission and relapse
  • Stress related to personal or professional life in Raleigh Durham
  • Use of alcohol to self-medicate

If a Raleigh Durham resident has a habit of turning to alcohol as a way to cope or a form of release, it will be difficult to break this habit when stressful situations arise. Entering a treatment program for alcoholism will increase the chances that you can get sober and stay that way.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Raleigh Durham

It is not always easy to distinguish between an alcohol abuser and an addict. The medical community recognizes abusers and addicts as two different categories of patients that require different approaches in treatment. Alcohol is prevalent in Raleigh Durham, and it is easy for a person without a true addiction to get caught up in a lifestyle of partying and socializing and end up drinking too much. While people in this situation may be able to quit drinking without help, their chances of lasting success will increase with participation in a treatment program. A person struggling with alcohol addiction or alcoholism will require an intensive inpatient treatment program for the best chance of success.

Addiction involves chemical dependency and a psychological need for alcohol that is beyond conscious control. It is difficult to control addictive behavior through willpower alone, as addiction is stronger than your will to control it. Raleigh Durham residents suffering from alcohol addiction will benefit from the structured environment of an inpatient facility which offers the following:

  • Enforced sobriety
  • Separation from environments which encourage relapse
  • Immediate access to medical care
  • Long-term support for the recovery process

Alcohol Addiction Causes Problems in Everyday Life in Raleigh Durham

Alcoholism will negatively affect all aspects of your life in Raleigh Durham. Negative effects of alcohol addiction include the following:

  • Poor performance at work
  • Loss of income
  • Problems with family
  • Trouble with the law
  • Health problems

If you think you may have a drinking problem, chances are that you do. The fact that you are concerned is a warning sign. If alcohol may be causing problems in your life, seek a professional assessment at the very least. Professionals experienced in treating alcoholism can help you determine the severity of your alcohol use and assist in finding the best approach to treatment.

Alcohol Addiction Help Is Available for Raleigh Durham Residents

If you or a loved one suffers from alcohol abuse or alcoholism, we are here to help. Our toll-free helpline is here for you 24 hours a day. We can answer any questions you have and help you begin the recovery process. You can overcome alcohol addiction, and we can help.