Does an Intervention Have to Be Confrontational?

Does an Intervention Have to Be Confrontational?Not all interventions are like the ones you see on TV. Some individuals are more receptive to help, and some refuse to listen to offers of support. Some families can remain calm, while some confront an addict with anger and frustration. Every intervention will be different depending on the individuals involved. Not every intervention needs to be confrontational to help a loved one get the treatment needed to get healthy and find a sober life in Raleigh Durham.

Four Types of Interventions

There are four basic intervention models that can be followed. While each one is formatted differently, they share a common goal:

  • Simple intervention – A simple intervention usually consists of a conversation between the user and one other person. This small and casual conversation prevents the user from feeling attacked by a large group of people. This form of intervention is designed to provide a more intimate experience for both the user and the loved one involved, allowing them to connect and discuss treatment options.
  • Classic intervention – A classic intervention is a traditional take on intervention. The main focus of this type of intervention is to educate user about how addiction is affecting the lives of everyone involved. This type of intervention can be conducted with little to no confrontational issues.
  • Family system intervention – A family system intervention is allows everyone to discuss what is going on in the family and work towards sobriety together. This method of intervention helps families in Raleigh Durham work as a team. By supporting and encouraging all members of the family other members of the family can remain part of recovery.
  • Crisis intervention – A crisis intervention is the most confrontational type of intervention there is, as it happens quickly to prevent the user from hurting themselves or others. This usually occurs when a specific event has put the user in danger of losing his or her life.

Even though there are many different methods for intervention and preventing confrontation, every user is going to react differently to an intervention. Finding the right format and experiencing the best outcome relies on getting professional help and advice.

Do You Need Help Planning an Intervention?

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