Finding the Right Job after Addiction

Finding the Right Job after AddictionWhen it comes to finding the right job after addiction, there are two thoughts to consider. First, you must find an employer who will consider your qualifications fairly. Second, you must find a job that does not put you at risk for relapse. Raleigh Durham residents can safeguard recovery and find a job if they have the right guidance.

Why Is It Difficult for Recovering Addicts to Get a Job?

In today’s economic times, many employers struggle to keep their business afloat and meet the needs of their shareholders. They must increase productivity, decrease overhead, get more from their employees and give the least amount of benefits to workers. While this is an unpleasant picture, it is the reality that many Raleigh Durham businesses face.

In such a frugal economy, many employers believe they lack the latitude to take a chance or recognize potential. Instead, they seek sure-fire employees who can best contribute to their companies. Therefore, a person who is seeking a job after addiction treatment is at a disadvantage. For example, a Raleigh Durham resident may have similar experiences to another, but if one is a recovering addict, the likelihood is that the other person will get the job. The problem is that one person’s stint in rehab may overrule another person’s shortcomings, even when someone is less experienced or lacks professional recommendations. Many people find this discriminatory, but most employers can be subtle about how they handle these situations, so it is vague whether their actions are illegal.

How Recovering Addicts Should Find a Job

Many addiction treatment programs help recovering addicts define the jobs for which they are qualified, as well as the types of employer they would like to work for. During these job-seeking sessions, Raleigh Durham patients may have considered the following variables:

  • No drug or alcohol abuse or use – If the work environment includes groups of co-workers that smoke pot during the day or consume alcohol at lunch and after work, it will not be long before you are so tempted that you succumb to relapse.
  • Low stress – Most jobs have a basic level of stress, so many people often feel some amount of pressure. However, if the job adds unnecessary stress, then it is not the right job for you. Unnecessary stress comes from a variety of places, including a demanding, unreasonable and unappreciative boss, to excessive hours, an extended commute or the expectation of too much work in too short of time. These unnecessary stressors put you at risk for relapse, so you should avoid jobs that stress you out.

Between the economic challenges, finding the right employer and finding the right environment, it is challenging to get a job after addiction. However, it is possible if you seek professional help.

Employment Help for Recovering Raleigh Durham Drug Addicts

Maintaining your sobriety is the most important aspect of finding a job. However, you must also find a job and become productive. Raleigh Durham residents are not alone in this struggle, and we want to help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime. Let us help you understand relapse and how to avoid it in your job.