How Addiction Treatment Improves Psychological Health

How Addiction Treatment Improves Psychological HealthThere are many different paths to substance addiction. Sometimes a drug is prescribed to treat a medical condition and the patient develops a dependence on the medication, and eventually becomes addicted to it. Sometimes peer pressure leads to experimentation with drugs and alcohol that can turn into addiction. Often, an underlying psychological condition like depression or anxiety plays a role in the development of an addiction by temporarily relieving the symptoms of the psychological condition. Whatever the underlying cause, addiction treatment can help Raleigh Durham residents improve their psychological health.

Psychological Aspects of Addiction Treatment Can Help Raleigh Durham Residents

Addiction treatment can improve the psychological health of Raleigh Durham residents in a number of ways, including the following:

Clinicians will provide thorough screening and assessment for psychological disorders. Some psychological symptoms are a result of substance use rather than freestanding conditions and determining this may impact treatment choices. Quality addiction treatment will involve ongoing assessment of changing needs.

Addiction treatment patients are taught relapse prevention skills. These include becoming aware of stressors and finding healthy ways to combat them, which can improve psychological health and wellbeing.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is often part of addiction treatment. Patients learn to recognize and evaluate thoughts and thought patterns that can be counterproductive. This skill can improve psychological functioning and quality of life.

Patients in addiction recovery are urged to attend support groups and develop new, healthy relationships. Having a strong social support network is important for good psychological functioning.

Integrated Treatment for Raleigh Durham Residents with Addiction and Psychological Disorders

Evaluating psychological conditions of Raleigh Durham residents that may co-occur with addiction and treating both in an integrated manner is important. A 2005 article in the journal Psychiatric Services noted that women who have both psychological and substance use disorders have often experienced interpersonal violence. The authors reported on a study showing that the greatest patient improvements were seen when mental health, substance abuse, and trauma-related issues were all addressed in counseling.

Quality integrated treatment involves treating both the addiction and psychological conditions as primary disorders, rather than focusing the majority of treatment on one part of the equation. The severity of each disorder should be separately assessed and the patient’s stage of change or readiness to address each issue should be individually determined. Medication management is an important component of integrated treatment, and the risks and benefits of potentially addicting medications should be carefully weighed.

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