How to Enjoy Social Events without Drinking Alcohol

How to enjoy social events without drinking alcoholSocial events can be especially tricky for Raleigh Durham residents that are recovering from alcohol addiction. When all your friends are sitting around drinking, it can be difficult to avoid joining in, even if you know there will be bad consequences if you do. A relapse, even if you think it’s just one drink at a party, can cause you to lose all the work you put into rehab, and relapse is never worth it. If you relapse at a party there is still hope, but you have to regain your self control in order to avoid addiction again. There are things Raleigh Durham alcoholics can do to enjoy parties without drinking alcohol. You just need the commitment and determination to do them without drinking.

How to Have Fun in Raleigh Durham without Alcohol

Raleigh Durham residents can avoid alcohol in social settings by remaining in conversation as much as possible. Talk to old friends you haven’t seen in a while and discuss what’s been going on in your lives. Being immersed in conversation gives you little time to think about finding a drink, and people often have their weakest moments during an awkward time when they don’t know what to do. By staying involved in conversation Raleigh Durham residents giving themselves something to do instead of sitting around watching others drink.

Avoiding Alcohol Relapse at Parties in Raleigh Durham

If you feel a weak moment coming on where you’d consider abusing alcohol, find a loved one that you can sit down with that will keep you from getting a drink. If you’re in an unfamiliar setting and don’t know anyone that well, it’s okay to tell people you’re feeling a little ill and you’re going to go home. It’s better to miss the last part of a party than to wake up the next day after a night of drinking. Recovering Raleigh Durham alcoholics should avoid relapse at all costs, even if they have to take drastic measures to ensure sobriety.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Help for Raleigh Durham

If you live in Raleigh Durham and are dealing with alcoholism, our toll-free helpline is a great place to turn for help. We’re open 24 hours a day, and we can help you find a quality treatment center to fit your needs. Alcohol rehab can help you get rid of addiction for good, and you can improve your life in all areas without alcohol. Pick up the phone now and let us figure out if your health insurance will pay for rehab. Call now, because we’re waiting for you.