Mental Health Interventions

Mental Health InterventionsDrug addiction may sometimes be triggered by a mental illness that causes an individual to self-medicate painful emotional and mental issues. For example, individuals with undiagnosed narcissistic personality disorder can turn to the abuse of depressants in an effort to treat the self-loathing that fuels their condition. Thus, when preparing to confront a family member or cherished friend in Raleigh Durham about his known or suspected drug use, you should take potential mental health issues into account.

Raleigh Durham Addicts and Mental Illness

When preparing a drug addiction intervention for a loved one in Raleigh Durham, it is helpful to do some research beforehand. Investigate the potential mental health disorders connected to the abuse of the individual’s drug of choice, and think carefully about whether he has displayed any of the signs of mental illness. Please note that you should not do so in an attempt to diagnose your loved one’s condition yourself. Even if you possess medical or psychiatric experience, it is best for your loved one to be evaluated by someone who has no emotional bond with him. However, researching possible mental illnesses can help prepare you for any outcome during the intervention. As always, before confronting your loved one about his addiction, it is best to assemble a group of like-minded, trustworthy friends and family under the guidance of a professional interventionist to ensure that the confrontation is carried out with the maximum chance of success.

Preparing an Addiction Intervention

If you have a loved one in Raleigh Durham who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and you want to do something about it, please start by calling our toll-free helpline. Our counselors can take your call anytime, 24 hours a day, and refer you to interventionist services specializing in your circumstances. They can also suggest ways you can prepare yourself and those you have chosen to include in this process for the journey ahead. We are here to help you, so please let us do just that, and give us a call today.