Taking Communion as a Recovering Alcoholic

Taking Communion as a Recovering AlcoholicTaking communion as a recovering alcoholic can be a bump in the road users may not anticipate. Many rehab programs center recovery on religion. The 12-step program incorporates the idea of a higher power in reaching for sobriety. If religion becomes a part of recovering alcoholics’ lives, they are more likely to attend church services where communion can trigger relapse. However with the right help Raleigh Durham residents can practice religion and avoid relapse.

Alternatives to Communion for Alcoholics

There are no wrong options for taking communion if you avoid the wine, and there are many ways you can incorporate this rite into your worship. All Raleigh Durham residents need to do is speak with their religious leaders about some new ideas that cannot only help them but may also help others in the congregation who fear discussing such a personal topic. If this problem affects you, consider discussing the following ideas with your church leadership:

  • Ask your leader if instead of wine you can have another substance with communion like grape juice. This allows you to participate in the service.
  • Instead of dipping your bread into wine or taking a sip, just take the bread and continue with your communion
  • Find your own way to respect your beliefs without drinking wine. Many people kiss the cup of wine without sipping. It still allows you to practice communion without giving in to your former addiction.

Many churches have different options for Raleigh Durham residents trying to stay sober. A common option is a service for recovering addicts. Alcohol is not present, but you can still worship. Getting the correct information about your options from your religious leader and fellow church members will benefit you and help you decide what is best for you during your recovery.

Raleigh Durham Alcoholism Help

If you are a recovering alcoholic and you need help finding or maintaining recovery in Raleigh Durham, we can help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the support you need to stay clean. Call us today for immediate support.