Top Intervention Models

Top Intervention ModelsThere are a couple ways an intervention can end. It can be highly successful, where the user accepts treatment, or it can be difficult, where the user becomes closed off and resistant. To boost the chances of success, examine the following models of interventions before holding one. In this way, Raleigh Durham residents may find the best treatment solution for their unique needs.

What Are the Benefits of the Johnson Intervention Model for Raleigh Durham Residents?

The Johnson Model is an intervention that is highly practiced because of its ability to open the eyes of the drug addict. This model assumes the user cannot recognize how dramatically her usage has affected not only herself, but also those around her. It stresses that, while the user may seem delusional, it is caused by defense mechanisms surrounding the addiction as opposed to irrational choice. Raleigh Durham family and friends are then instructed to explain how their relationships will change if she continues to use. Limits are placed on the user and consequences are brought forth to create a rock bottom resolution to the user’s addiction.

What Is the ARISE Model for Addiction Interventions?

The ARISE Model uses three steps to emphasize treatment to the Raleigh Durham drug addict. The first call is when a Raleigh Durham family member or friend contacts a treatment facility. Over the phone an interventionist and the loved one work together on how to encourage the user to attend a meeting of the Intervention Network. If the user rejects treatment after the first call, then the Intervention Network works to get the user to a handful of meetings. The formal ARISE intervention is the last step if both previous steps fail to get the user into treatment. Here, a set of limits, consequences and changes will be set upon the user to bring forth a feeling of rock bottom to push him towards treatment.

How Does the Invitational Intervention Model Help Raleigh Durham Addicts?

The Invitational Intervention Model is designed to help not only the user, but the entire Raleigh Durham family. Instead of organizing one meeting, the invitational model turns the intervention into a two day process. The idea behind this is to educate the family and addict on treatment options, the addiction and how each person affects the addiction. An interventionist works with the entire family, but chooses one member to determine how to get the user to attend the meetings. The invitational model will still be conducted with or without the user, but it is more beneficial for the user to be present.

Raleigh Durham Intervention Help

These three models prove highly effective in the correct scenarios. Every user is different, and may react in ways that others may not. Getting in contact with a qualified interventionist and discussing your Raleigh Durham loved one can help her chose the most appropriate model for treatment. Reaching out for help is crucial for a successful intervention and recovery. Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today.