What If My Doctor Prescribes Painkillers While I’m in Recovery?

What If My Doctor Prescribes Painkillers While I’m in Recovery?Once an addict completes treatment, she may have to take some prescriptions to heal from the damage that drug use caused. This can make recovering addicts nervous that these new prescriptions may cause a relapse. Painkiller use can challenge a Raleigh Durham resident’s addiction recovery, but there are ways to treat pain that can also ease an addict’s mind. You can prevent another addiction problem if you take action now.

How Painkiller Use Can Challenge Addiction Recovery

Painkiller use can be a sensitive topic for recovering drug addicts. Raleigh Durham residents who abused heroin or methamphetamines may find it difficult to maintain sobriety while on a prescription painkiller. Included in the following are some examples on how painkiller use can challenge addiction recovery:

  • Relapse
  • Spark a new addiction
  • Old habits come back

Many recovering addicts find it difficult to maintain prescriptions. Even more, Raleigh Durham residents who complete treatment may find it even more difficult to take a medication without wanting to abuse it. Also, painkiller use may lead to relapse, or an addict may become addicted to the painkiller, thus sparking a new addiction. Lastly, old habits of selling and using may arise again. If you struggle with or fear relapse due to a medication, consult your doctor and inform her of your worries.

Safe Painkiller Use in Recovery

There are safe alternatives to painkiller use for recovering addicts, including the following suggestions:

  • Ask for the lowest dose
  • Ask for your medication use to be monitored and strictly enforced
  • Ask for alternatives such as herbal medications or injections at the office

Because addicts may endure considerable pain during detox, doctors often prescribe high dosages of painkillers. Inform your doctor that you are a recovering addict and would like the lowest dose possible. Raleigh Durham residents can also ask doctors to monitor their painkiller use. Make a guideline that additional refills not be filled, and also that you cannot get more before your prescription should be finished. If you must take a strong dose, see if there is a shot a doctor can give at the office. This can help prevent any medication leaving the office.

Raleigh Durham Addiction Treatment

If you or a Raleigh Durham loved one struggle with painkiller addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions on addiction, treatment and prevention. Call us today to safeguard your recovery.