Why You Cannot Learn Everything after One Day in Rehab

Why You Cannot Learn Everything after One Day in RehabAddiction recovery is a multi-faceted and extended journey. Detox is the first stage, and rehab should follow. It’s important for Raleigh Durham drug addicts to be patient with the rehab process and create the best chance for long-lasting success.

Why Longer Treatment Times Mean Better Outcomes for Raleigh Durham Residents

Longer treatment times correlate to improved addiction treatment outcomes. The following reasons help explain why longer treatment heals addiction better than shorter stints in treatment:

  • Addiction is a brain disease. Drugs and alcohol affect the brain in serious ways and it takes time for it to heal after quitting addiction. While the brain heals, it’s important for Raleigh Durham residents to have support and learn relapse-prevention skills.
  • Although acute withdrawal symptoms are likely to abate within a few weeks, protracted withdrawal may continue for much longer. Being in a drug-free facility can help Raleigh Durham patients deal with cravings.
  • Addiction is more than a bad habit, but learning new habits can be an important part of recovery.
  • It was once thought that new habits took about 21 days to develop, but emerging research shows that it can often take much longer. A 2009 study in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that it took study participants an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. Learning new habits can be much easier within the structure of rehab.
  • Building a support network can significantly boost the recovery process. As people spend a longer time in rehab, relationships have more time to develop and grow.
  • Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression often co-occur with addiction. Quality treatment programs address all conditions in an integrated manner. It will take time to evaluate and treat these disorders, so Raleigh Durham drug addicts may overlook an underlying condition if they breeze through treatment.
  • Some facilities use medication to augment recovery, and it can take time to determine which medication at what dosage fits each patient best.

Raleigh Durham Rehab Help

Addiction is a serious disease that requires comprehensive and thorough treatment. If you live in Raleigh Durham and are ready to quit drug addiction, give us a call. Our 24 hour, toll-free helpline is staffed with counselors who can answer your questions about addiction and help you find an addiction treatment program that’s right for you. Our counselors can also check your insurance coverage at no cost or obligation. Someone is ready to talk with you right now. Give yourself the best chance of recovery and give us a call.