Will a Treatment Center Help Me Stage an Intervention?

Will a Treatment Center Help Me Stage an Intervention?Addiction interventions are much more complicated than they seem to be on TV. Emotions run high and the psychological power of addiction makes it extremely difficult for the addict to admit that she has a problem. Raleigh Durham residents should only undertake these confrontations when every other attempt to get through to the addict has failed. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you conduct an intervention under the guidance and assistance of a professional interventionist. Some of the most successful recovery programs offer interventionists as a part of their overall recovery package, so get help today to give your loved one the best chance at recovery.

How to Hold a Successful Intervention

Any time a concerned loved one encourages an addict to get help, then he is having an informal intervention. However, many drug addicts refuse this offer of help until they hit rock bottom, because the psychological power of the disease is so strong. In fact addiction can blind Raleigh Durham drug addicts to the gravity of their situations, so they may continue using drugs despite the dangers or concerns of others. The point of an intervention is to show an addict how his substance abuse hurts others, and also that the participants are willing to help him recover. Some of the most effective ingredients of a successful intervention include the following examples:

  • Before the intervention, participants write letters that discuss how the addiction has hurt them
  • Counseling and preparation before the intervention for every possible outcome
  • Help establishing healthy boundaries to avoid enabling the disease
  • Detailed plans for treatment that can begin immediately after the meeting
  • Arranging insurance coverage
  • Continued counseling after the intervention as needed

Successful interventions must be carefully planned, so Raleigh Durham residents are encouraged to seek professional help with these pivotal meetings.

Raleigh Durham Intervention Help

Not every treatment center offers intervention assistance, but we can help Raleigh Durham residents find ones that do offer this resource. If you are interested in conducting an intervention for a loved one, then please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime. Our treatment centers can help you hold an intervention that seamlessly transitions into the best inpatient treatment available. We can also help with insurance confirmation, transportation concerns and aftercare planning.

Don’t attempt to hold an intervention alone. Call now and let us help you make every possible effort to making your intervention a success.