Drug Rehab CostsDrug rehab can seem like a very costly process. In some cases, this is true. Different drug rehab facilities offer distinct amenities that cater to wealthy individuals with disposable income. These individuals can choose to pay for these services to make their stay more enjoyable. Luxury drug rehab programs can cost thousands of dollars a month and are suited to certain individuals. However, the cost of drug rehab can be very different depending on the type of facility and program you choose. Before deciding on a treatment program, it is important to know your options and decide on something that is financially feasible.

Raleigh-Durham Employer Assistance with Rehab

The stigma associated with drug rehab is no longer what it was. Some employee benefits are starting to include drug rehab treatment as part of their coverage. Employers may assist employees with affording drug rehab and may even offer a paid leave of absence for the individual. Talk to your employer when considering your drug rehab options as this may have some bearing over what programs you can afford.

Low-Cost Rehab for Raleigh-Durham Addicts

For many families, spending tens of thousands of dollars on rehab treatment is not an option. Often, a drug habit will put families into debt because of the money spent obtaining the substance. For those Raleigh-Durham residents with limited financial means, there are some low-cost drug rehab option available. Some facilities offer pricing on a sliding scale to make treatment affordable for families. Other programs offer payment plans to relieve some of the pressure. Most facilities are willing to work with you to make treatment a reality.

These days, many insurance companies are working with drug rehab centers to help offset the costs associated with treatment. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to cover at least a portion of outpatient treatment. In general, outpatient treatment is more affordable than residential treatment, but more and more residential rehab centers are working with insurance companies to make their treatment affordable too.

The costs associated with drug rehab should not be a reason to avoid treatment. These days it is becoming more affordable for a larger portion of the population. Drug rehab will not only improve a person’s health, but their quality of life. Please call our toll-free number and speak to one of our trained counselors to find out how you can make drug rehab affordable for your family.