Holistic Drug RehabSometimes when traditional treatment options are less than successful, it may be beneficial to turn to alternative ideas. The holistic treatment movement may be something to consider because it offers you the same extensive addiction recovery efforts without a medical perspective. In fact, 2.4 million people each year seek treatment from specialty facilities. Holistic care falls under this category.

Holistic Treatment Methods for Raleigh-Durham Addicts

Holistic treatment is considered a natural alternative to conventional rehabilitation based on the idea that the mind, spirit and body are all connected. Thus, while traditional therapies are employed, holistic treatment also uses elements of meditation, prayer and relaxation therapies to help you change how you think about substance abuse. Having a clear mind is considered to be one of the first steps toward sober living.

Another way holistic treatment differs from traditional care is that natural medicines are used instead of pharmaceuticals. Only in specific cases are antidepressants administered as well. The goal is to keep the body as free from chemicals as possible. Painkillers are rarely administered; instead, meditation and nutritional supplements are used as pain relievers. This allows you to control your physical pain without substituting one drug for another, no matter how benign it may seem.

While holistic treatment has differences from conventional care, there are also many similarities. Group therapy and counseling are widely used in holistic care as they aid in the spiritual and mental healing aspects. Holistic residential care can provide detox as well, but only natural remedies are provided to help handle any pain that you feel during withdrawal.

Holistic rehab is not for everyone, however. If your loved one in Raleigh-Durham hasn’t been successful in past recovery efforts, holistic rehab may be a good choice for them.

Why Choose Holistic Rehab?

If you have attempted recovery in traditional care and found it to be too clinical, the spiritual nature of holistic treatment may appeal to you. Holistic rehab might be right for you if you’re willing to open yourself up to another way of thinking or want to pursue a more natural lifestyle following your recovery. The benefit of this form of treatment is that holistic care can not only help you get well, but also help you sustain your sobriety after you leave treatment. Relapse rates from intense programs like those founds in holistic rehab are much lower than attempts to change your habits on your own as well.

Finding Holistic Rehab for Raleigh-Durham Addicts

If you think you’ll benefit from holistic rehabilitation from a drug or alcohol dependency, our helpline is here to assist you in finding a holistic treatment program. We can also assist you in staging an intervention for your loved one in Raleigh-Durham. Contact us at any time of day or night at (855) 396-3021 with questions.