Military Drug RehabDrug use in the military has increased rapidly in recent years. From 1999 to 2002, the number of people discharged for using illicit drugs increased by 47 percent according to a 2002 article of the San Diego Tribune. Since then, drug use has been steadily on the rise amongst soldiers, and many veterans return home with a life-altering drug addiction. Other veterans may develop an addiction after returning home. Members of the military have had life experiences like no other. Finding a drug rehab program that understands the unique needs of these men and women is essential to their long-term success in treatment.

Counseling in Military Drug Rehab

Those who have served in the military have often experienced or witnessed some type of trauma during their careers. Upwards of 20 percent of veterans of the Iraq War suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and 10 percent of veterans of the Gulf War were suffers of PTSD. Military veterans require a special type of counseling where they can address these kinds of issues as well as seek treatment for their addictions. PTSD can also be a trigger for drug abuse. Veterans may feel overwhelmed by their symptoms of PTSD and seek out drugs to manage them. Depression is another psychological disorder that military veterans are more likely to suffer from and may promote illicit drug use.

Drug Addiction in Veterans

In some cases, veterans will return home with serious, even life-threatening injuries. They will often require extended hospital stays and some form of long-term pain management. Different prescription painkillers act on the body in a way that makes them physically addictive, and long-term use of prescription drugs can lead to a serious drug dependency. The highly addictive nature of prescription painkillers means someone who is addicted to them will likely require some form of drug rehabilitation to treat this problem, and veterans are at an increased risk for this type of addiction.

Military Drug Rehab Services and Support Groups

Military personnel have experienced things that many people will never understand. Military drug rehab services allow patients to interact with other veterans so they can build a strong system of support with people who have undergone the same things they have. Group therapy and support are crucial parts of rehab success, and finding a support group that recognizes the unique difficulties you struggle with is important.

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