Although many of the 23 million addicts in the US know that treatment can be what changes their lives, they also know that it’s difficult to afford rehab. If this is the case for you, you should learn more about the free and low-cost options available to you.

How Rehab Can Help Raleigh-Durham Addicts

Free Raleigh Durham RehabIf you’re unsure of the benefits of seeking drug rehab, consider your situation. If you’ve attempted to change your habits on your own, you’re not alone. Most self-rehabilitation attempts are unsuccessful, especially for alcohol, opiate or cocaine addictions as uncomfortable withdrawal and outside pressures test your resolve to stay sober. Treatment can give you to the strength you need to change your habits without succumbing to stress or painful withdrawal.

Getting help may seem like a difficult task now, especially in terms of payments; however, after you are treated, you will be able to get your life back on track. If you’ve lost your job because of addiction, you can begin working again once you’re in recovery. In this way, treatment should be considered an investment.

Treatment Payment Options for Raleigh-Durham Addicts

If you’re willing to make an investment for your recovery, you may consider paying for treatment through insurance coverage, loans from the bank, family, friends or even paying out of pocket. However, for some addicts this is just not feasible. That’s why some facilities offer limited space for those who may need free or reduced cost treatment. State-sponsored drug and alcohol treatment made up at nearly two million treatment admissions in 2006. State-funded treatment is very similar to non-subsidized treatment in most cases, though facilities that are run by the state may not provide you with all the luxuries that private programs do. Nevertheless, you’re in good hands at public facilities.

Types of Free Facilities

In most cases, free treatment facilities do not differ from other treatment centers. Free treatment can be residential or outpatient, depending on how they are funded. Doctors, nurses and medical staff are still on call at free or reduced-cost rehab centers. Outpatient programs also lend themselves well to free treatment because care is not given 24 hours a day.

In order to qualify for free treatment, you often need to demonstrate an inability to pay full price. In addition to offering free treatment, some facilities are willing to work out financing and payment plans. Call our helpline at (855) 396-3021 and we can help you find a free or reduced-cost treatment program.